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Military - ASVAB & Selective Service

ASVAB & Selective Service

  • The United States Armed Services exists to defend the United States of America.  Those who join will be provided with the benefits of employment, occupational training, travel, and educational opportunities.  There are over 1500 different job areas among the four branches of service and financial assistance programs provide partial-to-full payment for education.
  • Enlistment programs vary greatly among the branches. Each branch of the service has recruiters who can explain the eligibility of applicants for specific training and assignments.  Recruiting officers for the various branches visit the high school throughout the school year.  These visits are listed on the weekly schedule and announced during the school day.  Individual appointments with a recruiter are to be scheduled during a student's study hall period.
    The four main branches of the service are:
  • Additional opportunities exist with the
  • During the junior or senior year, students can take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) during school. The results of the ASVAB are used to determine suitability and qualifications for certain training programs.   Taking the test is voluntary and it is usually administered in January.  Students can learn more about the ASVAB by visiting the official website at

For students desiring to enter directly into a college or university after high school and still train to be an officer in the military, the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program may be an option to consider. 

Military academies also exist for students wanting to pursue a college degree and military training at the same time.  To attend a military academy, students must be appointed to the academy.  Interested students need to obtain a nomination at least one year before the date of entry for an appointment.  Selections are based on high school curriculum, GPA, SAT scores, activities, and personal recommendations.  Students who desire to attend an academy directly after high school, should talk with the counseling office in their junior year.  The academies do admit first time cadets who are older than high school seniors.  Competition for entrance to the academies is very strong.

Air Force - Colorado Springs, Colorado
Army - West Point - West Point, New York
Coast Guard Academy - New London, Connecticut
Naval Academy - Annapolis, Maryland


Selective Service Registry

Information on the Selective Service registration requirements and process can be located at