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Financial Aid FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What types of Financial Aid are available?
    1. Family & Student Savings
    2. Loans – Money that is borrowed by the student and/or parents which must be paid back. If you qualify for subsidized loans a portion of the interest for the loan is paid for the student while they are enrolled. Repayment begins 6 months after schooling is complete.
    3. Grants – Money given by the state or federal government that is not paid back. The amount of money given is based on demonstrated financial need.
    4. Scholarships – Money awarded to you that is not paid back. Scholarships can come from private sources (I.E. Organizations or Businesses) or the school you plan to attend. Scholarships are usually based on academic achievement as measured by GPA, SAT scores or ACT scores. Some scholarships are awarded based on financial need or special talents (I.E. Athletic or musical ability).
    5. Work Study – Money is earned by you while working at the school. Must be approved through financial aid application process. You are paid minimum wage and your work hours are set at a minimum number per week.
  2. Before I apply to college, can I get an estimate of how much financial aid I might qualify for?
    1. Go to FAFSA 4-Caster to get an estimate.
  3. I am a senior, when and how do I apply for Financial Aid?
    1. You may apply for financial aid anytime after October 1 of the senior year. All seniors begin the financial aid process by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Form on-line at
    2. In addition to the FAFSA, some schools may require their own financial aid form(s). Check with each school for specific requirements. If the school requires the CSS/Financial Aid Profile form, it can be obtained on-line from
  4. Do I need anything before applying?
    1. You will need to apply for a secure FSA ID. This is your electronic signature. Your parents/guardians will need one too. You will register for this ID number at
  5. Are There deadlines for applying for financial aid?
    1. YES! There are application deadlines for both federal and state financial aid programs. To see these important dates, go to and click on Application Deadlines.
  6. What other tips do I need to remember?
    1. Save your work. Do not just save your work on your computer, print out a hard copy of your FAFSA form and Pin number too.
    2. Applying for Financial Aid is FREE! Do not EVER pay to apply! Please be aware that there are similar sites that will try to charge a fee for helping you complete the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid.
  7. I have not decided on a school; Should I still apply for financial aid?
    1. Yes. You can apply for financial aid even if you have not decided on a school. The FAFSA form allows you to list up to 10 schools.
  8. Where can I find additional information on Financial Aid?